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Cosmetic dentistry addresses many other dental and esthetic issues. At Bainbridge Dental Associates in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Dr. Jane L. Dodson offers services for cosmetic dentistry. Read below to learn more.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry addresses many other dental and esthetic issues. For example, stained or discolored teeth, chipped, cracked, crooked or missing teeth can all be made to look appealing in one's smile. Cosmetic Dentistry procedure can modify the size and length of teeth, fix damaged teeth or even change the color and position of gums to make a smile look like dynamite!

After a complete examination (including color photographs - so there is a picture to discuss the outcome desired you want, then Dr. Dodson will ask you about your goals, timing and outcome expected for your smile.  At this point a discussion about your wishes should occur - including all your possible options.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a variety of dental procedures that can be preformed to improve the appeal and esthetic appearance of your smile. Teeth can be reshaped, spaces between teeth closed, even worn-down teeth restored, which means that teeth that are too short to look pleasing can be lengthened... assuming there is room with the opposing teeth to do so. 

Oral disfigurement like malalignment of the bite can be corrected also. Sometimes the upper jaw does not fit with the lower jaw.  That is an alignment problem (similar to when your tires are wearing improperly.) Fortunately, a dentist who cares and who has studied how to make teeth look attractive and esthetic can correct is dilemma, so you, the patient, who wants to smile a lot or laugh without hiding your teeth can do that.

Other common procedures include whitening or bonding (this changes the shape of your teeth) with crowns, also called a cap, or a complete covering of a tooth.  Veneers are different in that they cover only the front half of the tooth, not the sides or the back of the tooth. A veneer is like the coating that lots of ladies put on their fingernails.)

Another procedure that changes a smile completely can be reshaping. Maybe one tooth is too long or too far forward compared to the neighbor teeth. Reshaping can fix that problem. The procedures can be explained fully (including the cost) before anything is done. Just know that there are many possible solutions for fixing your smile. Just like redecorating your house can be accomplished many different ways.

Whitening your teeth

Most people want a whiter smile.   Surveys show 85% do! That is almost everyone. You probably are one of them. 

Whitening of natural teeth is a chemical process used to get rid of intrinsic tooth stains or to generally produce a whiter shade of the natural tooth. It has been available for years and does NOT damage your natural tooth at all. Any filling already present, however, will not get lighter from the whitening process. Still, those restorations can be lightened to match your new lighter shade.

A custom mouthpiece made at our dental office ensures the proper equal exposure of the whitening agent to all of the teeth. Generally speaking, the over-counter-whitening agents don't work as well since the agent does not touch all the surfaces of the teeth evenly. (I am sure you do not want multiple colored teeth, similar to Indian corn.)

Whitening can be done in the office or at home. Three weeks is a typical home treatment time whereas office whitening usually requires one office visit only. 


Bonding can be used to remedy chipped, decayed, gapped or discolored teeth.

The dentist uses a tooth-colored material to fill, shape, restore, and whiten.

This tooth-colored material is also used to fill cavities.

Bonding is less permanent than other Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.


Veneers are the cementing of prefabricated porcelain or plastic cover to a tooth to correct its color, shape or spacing.  It is used to correct uneven spacing, or chips, discoloration, or crooked teeth.

The Dentist makes an impression of the tooth and then a veneer is created and affixed to the tooth.  The dentist uses a light beam to harden the bond of the veneer to the tooth. Due to the need to create a custom veneer the procedure requires more than one visit. 

Veneers last longer and are stronger than bonding.

Veneers require little or no anesthesia and address many of the same issues as Bonding.


Crowns last the longest all cosmetic restorations, but also require the longest time to do.

Crowns are sometimes called Caps.

These Caps cover a tooth to return it to its original condition or correct its damage. Crowns are more expensive than Veneers, Bonding or filling and are usually used when the extent of damage prevents their use.

Contouring and reshaping

Contouring and reshaping often accompany Bonding.  Tooth reshaping and contouring is the altering of the length, shape, position of teeth or fit of the bite and usually can be accomplished in one visit.

When a minor reshape of a healthy tooth is in order this is usually the chosen option.

Which procedure is right for me?

Dr. Dodson after full examination will discuss with you your goals and needs and wants for your smile and go over your options, what the procedures entail, what you can expect and the costs of the procedures.  Call today for an examination.