What makes a type of floss better?

 Jane L. Dodson, DDS -  - Dentist

Question: What makes one type of floss better than the other one?


It is just amazing to me all the choices you have to make. I was in Wal-Mart last week and I went by the toothpaste aisle. The massive array of floss is amazing to me. So many choices, it reminds me of Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock; wax or unwaxed, floss or tape or glide tape, Superfloss and floss threaders, even mint or cinnamon flavored.

WOW! To work through the maze of choices let me start with the specialty flosses which are great. For instance, if you have a bridge, you will want to protect the bridge and floss underneath the bridge (a bridge is a crown attached to a fake or dummy tooth attached to another crown or a real tooth. It does not come on and off. It’s cemented permanently). If you do not want to replace the bridge every five years, it is a good idea to floss under the bridge. You can buy “floss threaders” which are like monofilament fishing line formed with a loop on the end. It makes it easy to put floss through the loop and fish the floss under the bridge. Personally, what I like better than floss threaders is Superfloss. Superfloss is precut, foot long, lengths of floss with monofilament on one end. It makes it fast, quick, and easy. You can even put toothpaste on the floss for when you place it under the gum.

Some folks have teeth which are very tight and it is a challenge to slide the floss between the teeth. The answer for tight teeth is to use waxed floss or the “Glide” type floss. A dental hygienist or even your dentist can show you how to get through any tight contact and not hurt the gums in the process. In the end, the most important thing to remember is the best floss is the one that you are willing to use. Research tells us that only 16% of Americans regularly floss. If you do not floss, this will put you in bad company. Research is confirming a strong link between dental gum disease and coronary heart disease. So find floss which works for you.

The best floss is the floss which you will use because all floss helps decrease gum and bone disease; thus preserving teeth.


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